Monday, 12 June 2017

Trump Visits Scotland to Re-Open His Golf Course Video

Transcript for Trump Visits Scotland to Re-Open His Golf Course

In the meantime, Donald Trump is overseas in Scotland to open a golf Sprinkler System Installation Greenville course. He was asked what he thought of the vote, and called it a great thing. And said America is next. Tom llamas is in Scotland tonight. Reporter: As brexit shook Europe to its core, Donald Trump choppered in for the re-opening of his golf course with this bold announcement. Basically, they took back their co untry. That's a great thing. Reporter: With bagpipers following him, and staffers wearing red "Made turnberry great again" caps, trump spent less than 30 seconds at the top of his speech addressing brexit, then another 13 minutes praising the course, from the new sprinklers to the luxury suites. A lot of people think this would be the greatest par 3 anywhere in the world. Reporter: Afterwards, trump fielding many questions about brexit. Do you think anything you said in the United States influenced voters here in Britain when it comes to leaving the eu? If I said yes, total influence, they'll all say that's terrible. His ego is terrible, right? So I will never say that, Tom. But my opinion is that what happened should have happened. They'll control their country and they'll control everything about their country. Reporter: Trump tweeting, they took their country back like we'll take our country back. And as the british pound was sinking, trump was singing. Look, if the pound goes do wn, they are going to do more business. You know when the pound goes down, more people are coming to turnberry, frankly. Reporter: On Wednesday, trump was less certain about brexit. I don't think anybody should listen to me because I haven't really focused on it very much. But my inclination would be to get out. Reporter: And today, Hillary Clinton releasing this new video mocking his golf course appearance. Are you traveling with any of your foreign policy advisors? Well, I've been in touch with them but there's nothing to talk about. Reporter: David, though trump is in Scotland for this critical time in Europe, this was a scheduled trip. The trump campaign tells me tonight at this point Sprinkler System Installation Greenville there are no other foreign trips planned before the election. David? Thanks.

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